Why Title Searches Matter for Buying Property in Darwin and the greater Northern Territory

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When you’re looking at selling or buying property in the NT, hiring an experienced conveyancer to undertake a title search is an essential step. A title search involves examining the property’s Certificate of Title and other public records to analyse the legal ownership of a property and any claims that may exist on it. Our team at Tschirpig Conveyancing in Darwin can then advise you of any information from this search that may impact your impression of the property. Contact us today for a conversation about how we can help with your property transactions. 

Finding Out Who Owns the Property

An important part of any property transaction is understanding the ownership status of a property. This might be an individual, a group of individuals or a company. A title search is a conveyancing service offered by Tschirpig Conveyancing which ensures that the people selling the property are legally entitled to do so. Furthermore, a title search will reveal how many times and how recently the property has changed hands, which can help inform your impressions and intentions towards the property.

Determining if the Property has Caveats or Covenants 

A title search will also reveal whether the property has any caveats or covenants attached to it. A caveat is effectively a notice that another entity aside from the owners have an interest in the property, which can affect the legality of the sale of the property. A building company, for example, may place a caveat on the property if the owners owe it money. A title search can also reveal any covenants, which are prohibitions or guidelines on what can be built on the property. This could range from restrictions on the number of buildings on the land, to something as innocuous as the colour of your front door. 

Does the Property Have any Easements?

Title searches can also reveal whether the property has any easements or placed on it. An easement is a right given to another entity who isn’t the owner to use the property for a specific purpose. An easement could, for example, allow service workers to access your property to access water infrastructure. 

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