NT Conveyancing Experts on Handling Darwin Property Disputes

northern territory conveyancing, buying property

As well as being vital when you’re selling or buying property, professional Northern Territory conveyancing services can really come in handy when you have to handle property disputes. Based in the heart of Darwin, Tschirpig Conveyancing has an enviable reputation for know-how and success in all areas of conveyancing. Keep reading to discover some of the important ways a conveyancer can assist you with property disputes. Feel free to get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you.


Prevention Through a Title Search

The number one way Northern Territory conveyancing experts can help you with a property dispute is by preventing it from happening in the first place. Whether you’re buying property or are already the owner, a conveyancer can help by undertaking a Title Search of the property in question. This involves examining the property’s other public records, including its Certificate of Title to determine who legally owns the property and any claims that may exist on it. This can include checking for easements for things such as allowing service workers access to your property to access water infrastructure. It could also include checking whether there are legitimate caveats placed on the property, perhaps from an unpaid builder or someone else. Undertaking this Title Search can quickly help you check the legitimacy of property disputes.


Document Analysis

Northern Territory conveyancing services can also help with analysing other legal documents related to the property and/or it’s accompaniments in dispute. Whether this takes the form of a contract of sale, a commercial lease or something else entirely, your conveyancer will have the vital skills, knowledge and experience to decipher the often complicated property law legalese and help you resolve the dispute.

Based in Darwin, the Tschirpig Conveyancing team has over 30 years of experience in offering Northern Territory conveyancing assistance. Contact our experts online today or call us on 08 8995 4900.