NT Conveyancers on Mistakes Made Selling Property in Darwin

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If you’re looking to sell rural, residential or industrial property across the NT, you should bring an experienced conveyancer on board as soon as possible to avoid common mistakes. The experienced professionals at Tschirpig Conveyancing in Darwin are discussing the most common mistakes that sellers make when signing the contract to sell their property. Check out the list of what not to do below and get in touch with our amazing team to have a conversation about how we can help you sell smoothly in the NT.

Don’t Mess Up Your Contract of Sale

Unless you are selling your property via auction, your agent will be drafting your contract of sale. Remember, sellers do not benefit of a cooling off period. Get in touch with Tschirpig Conveyancing in Darwin to get advice on what to expect as a seller after you enter into a contract for sale of a property in Darwin.


Seller’s required compliance for conveyancing in Darwin

What happens if your pool fence does not have a compliance certificate by settlement?

  • NT pool fencing safety regulations can be difficult to navigate.
  • If you’re selling a property with a pool in Darwin, get in touch with your conveyancer to discuss the various options for compliance and make sure that this does not become an issue after you enter into a contract.

How can your Darwin conveyancer help you get ready to enter into a Contract of Sale?

  • Consider disclosing any non-compliance or issues with the property. Get advice from your conveyancer as to special conditions that may be made part of your Contract.
  • Are you selling a vacant property? If so, get advice on a settlement date you can meet.
  • Is the property tenanted but the Buyer wants a vacant property on Settlement. Get in touch with a conveyancer in NT to find the right structure to manage expectations throughout your sale.

Get your lender ready to sell

If you are like most of us, and selling a property with a mortgage still registered and a current loan, be prepared to account for additional fees and charges that come in addition to paying out the amount owing on your loan. Consider if the loan is connected to any other properties. If in doubt, contact one of our experienced conveyancer to discuss what fees, charges and disbursements may be applicable at the time of sale (such as payment of outgoings for the contract period, lender fees and charges to account for etc).

Remember the Cooling Off Period

The Northern Territory has a “Cooling Off Period,” of 4 business days. This means that the buyer of the property (except from an auction) can cancel the contract of sale without penalty or explanation within those days. Don’t assume the property is sold before this has occurred.

When you need help from professional conveyancers in Darwin, contact our experts online or call 08 8995 4900. Tschirpig Conveyancing has more than 30 years of experience providing Northern Territory conveyancing services, so you know that you can rely on our advice.